An overview of super performance

APRA has issued a heatmap on super performance in Australia. 

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Why isn't our super money going into Australian agriculture?

Australia's farmers need more equity capital in this harsh environment, but super funds are not stepping up.

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Which industries are the best picks?
David James 17 Dec 2021

Some sectors are looking stronger than others as the covid crisis eases.

Super funds' share of ASX falls
David James 15 Dec 2021

In an effort to diversify, super funds are concentrating less on the Australian stock market.



The mining big boys
David James 10 Dec 2021

BHP and Rio should always get some investor attention.

Australia's mortgage industrial complex
David James 9 Dec 2021

How are the banks that feed the housing boom faring?

The labour market is tightening
David James 6 Dec 2021

Covid has tightened the work force, but will it lead to higher wages and inflation?