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Are we playing chess or is it chaos?

Conventional investment analysis is like chess moves, but is that the game we are in?

1 day(s) ago

Experts flummoxed on property prices

Even the industry people are now saying that property prices in Australia have gone nuts.

2 day(s) ago
Has the US stock market left planet Earth?
David James 10 Sep 2021

Over a fifth of Australian super funds' assets are in overseas stock markets, mainly in the US. American shares have been booming, but where are they headed?

The stock market Covid couldn't kill
David James 7 Sep 2021

There are three possible investment themes when positioning for the end of the lockdowns.



Will REITs bounce back?
David James 16 Sep 2021

What will happen to Real Estate Investment Trusts when there is a reopening?

Travel narrows the mind – and the investment options?
David James 8 Sep 2021

What are the investment prospects for the travel industry? It is not straightforward.

How are the banks going?
6 Sep 2021

Australia's financial markets depend on residential property in the first instance and banks in the second instance.