Time to invest in a looming health catastrophe?

The World Health Organisation has released an astonishing list of adverse reactions to the so-called 'vaccines.'  It points to massively expanded health sectors.

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Finance Alice in Wonderland meets economic reality

About a quarter of superannuation funds' assets are held offshore, mainly in the US. That worked well while financial manipulation dominated the real world of economics and busine..

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Investment lessons from the US
David James 18 Oct 2021

An annual study of US investment fund performance has some important takeaways.

The inflation versus deflation cases
David James 12 Oct 2021

Inflation looks like it is intensifying, but there are competing theories about what the future holds.



LNG spot prices go crazy
David James 19 Oct 2021

The energy market is in chaos and LNG spot prices are soaring. What do analysts say about how this will affect Australian LNG players?

A bearish assessment on shares
David James 15 Oct 2021

One analyst says that the Australian market is overvalued on economic fundamentals. That is one way of assessing shares.

Resources company plays
David James 13 Oct 2021

There have been huge moves in commodity prices, especially energy and iron ore. What does that mean for Australia's big resources companies?