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Biggest business crime in history?

13 Jul 2021 13 month(s) ago

Investors in the health sector might be about to get a huge shock as evidence emerges of what Big Pharma has done with the pandemic and vaccines. 

Investors in pharmaceutical stocks or the health sector generally have done well during the 'pandemic'. But evidence is coming out of some very dark activities with coronavirus, going back decades. If this evidence gains traction – and that will be hard with all the censorship going on in social media and mainstream media – the impact will be cataclysmic.

The evidence is produced by Dr David Martin, chairman of M.CAM, a company that tracks all intangible assets around the world, including patents. What is compelling about patent evidence is that it is irrefutable and conclusively establishes intent. To use a popular phrase, it is the 'gold standard' of evidence.

Martin shows that bioweapons activity with coronavirus – undertaken by Big Pharma and regulators such as Dr Fauci's US National Institute of Health – has been going back decades, including a fierce battle to own the patents.

He shows that the so-called vaccines are not vaccines at all. The method they use has been rejected by the authorities as not even meeting the basic standard for a vaccine.

Here are some of the patent details from another web site:

What Martin reveals is surely the biggest business crime ever, one that has brought down the world economy. The story goes back about 20 years – the claim that the vaccine was developed with 'warp speed' is one of the multitude of lies, it was developed long before 2020 – and it shows a level of sinister, systematic greed that is almost unimaginable.

If this gets out, will health bodies and health companies ever be trusted again? It is worth pondering that if you are investing in the area.

Here is the video:


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