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Will Australian businesses have to pay COVID reparations for forcing 'vaccines'?

1 Oct 2021 10 month(s) ago

Australian corporations are enthusiastically blackmailing employees to get the jab or lose their job. A statement from the Fair Work Commission suggests that this could turn out to be a costly mistake.

Australian corporations are blackmailing staff to get the so called 'vaccines' otherwise they will get the sack. That is the essence of coercion. There could be an extremely high legal price for taking such an aggressive, and risky, stance.

The 'vaccines' are really experimental gene therapies using a synthetic pathogen designed to make the patient sick, thus stimulating an immune response. The technology they rely on has never been used before commercially.

Consequently, they have only been given provisional approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). It will take years before any side effects are fully known. Australian politicians issuing 'vaccine mandates' know that they are on very shaky legal ground, so they carefully word it so that they are not personally liable. Thus Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has said businesses are not required to enforce the vaccine mandates, only to "follow the law". What he does not mention is that the mandate is just an edict, not a law.

Business has succumbed to the government fiat and enforced anyway. Hundreds of thousands of Australian employees are now facing an awful choice between their health and their livelihood, including the health sector, education, the public service and the construction industry.

What if it turns out to be illegal? The class actions being directed at companies could turn out to enormously expensive, hurting Australian corporations' bottom line. This would affect investors.

A statement by a Fair Work Commissioner in a flu vaccine vase may point to where that body is going to go when faced with unfair dismissal cases over COVID. Although it did not pertain to the case under consideration, and was a dissenting position, it advanced some extremely powreful arguments against the legality of forced vaccinations.

If that turns out to be where the Commission, or the courts, head Australian businesses will have made a big mistake doing the dirty work of the State governments.

Here is the link, it starts from [100]. 

It is worth reading it closely; here are some excerpts. Especially devastating is the observation that because these vaccines have not been approved, employees are being forced to participate in a phase 3 drug trial without their consent.
The claim by governments that the 'vaccines' are safe is a lie. They cannot know they are safe because it has not been long enough to know that:
[107] The Fair Work Ombudsman has publicly stated that employers will need to have a “compelling reason” before requiring vaccinations, and that “the overwhelming majority of employers should assume that they can’t require their employees to be vaccinated against coronavirus”. (emphasis added)

[108] Safe Work Australia has publicly stated that “most employers will not need to make vaccinations mandatory to meet their [health and safety] obligations”. (emphasis added)

[109] Despite this, many employers are declaring they will mandate COVID vaccines for their workers, and PHOs are being made by State Governments, in circumstances where there is no justification for doing so.
Forcing people to get vaccines is actually forcing them to be involved in clinical trails of an unproven drug:
There are side effects to the COVID vaccines that are now known. That side effects exist is not a conspiracy theory.

f. The long-term effects of the COVID vaccines are unknown, and this is recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.

Consent is required for participation in clinical trials

[114] Consent is required for all participation in a clinical trial. Consent is necessary because people have a fundamental right to bodily integrity, that being autonomy and self-determination over their own body without unconsented physical intrusion. Voluntary consent for any medical treatment has been a fundamental part of the laws of Australia and internationally for decades. 
It is legally, ethically and morally wrong to coerce a person to participate in a clinical trial. 

[115] Coercion is not consent. Coercion is the practice of persuading someone to do something using force or threats. Some have suggested that there is no coercion in threatening a person with dismissal and withdrawing their ability to participate in society if that person does not have the COVID vaccine. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

[116] All COVID vaccines in Australia are only provisionally approved, and as such remain part of a clinical trial 21. This is not part of a conspiracy theory. It is a fact easily verifiable from the website of the TGA, Australia’s regulatory authority responsible for assessing and registering/approving all COVID vaccines before they can be used in Australia. 
The statements by politicians that those who are not vaccinated are a threat to public health and should be “locked out of society” and denied the ability to work are not measures to protect public health. They are not about public health and not justified because they do not address the actual risk of COVID. These measures can only be about punishing those who choose not to be vaccinated. If the purpose of the PHOs is genuinely to reduce the spread of COVID, there is no basis for locking out people who do not have COVID, which is easily established by a rapid antigen test. Conversely, a vaccinated person who contracts COVID should be required to isolate until such time as they have recovered. 

[181] Blanket rules, such as mandating vaccinations for everyone across a whole profession or industry regardless of the actual risk, fail the tests of proportionality, necessity and reasonableness. It is more than the absolute minimum necessary to combat the crisis and cannot be justified on health grounds. It is a lazy and fundamentally flawed approach to risk management and should be soundly rejected by courts when challenged.

[182] All Australians should vigorously oppose the introduction of a system of medical apartheid and segregation in Australia. It is an abhorrent concept and is morally and ethically wrong, and the anthesis of our democratic way of life and everything we value. 

[183] Australians should also vigorously oppose the ongoing censorship of any views that question the current policies regarding COVID. Science is no longer science if it a person is not allowed to question it. 

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