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Meet the Editor of Personal Super Investor

18 June 2014 |

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Next month, our Sydney readers have the ability to see David James, Editor of ‘PSI’ presenting a number of Seminars at the 2014 Trading, Super, Investing, - Future Wealth Forum. Personal Super Investor is a media partner for this year’s forum. 

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What we learned this week 26 June 14

26 June 2014 |

learnBonds point one way shares another; retailers struggling; Oz small caps underperform; hot property suburbs; DIY super trustees get younger and go for shares.

Are we facing stagnation?

25 June 2014 |

Stagnation The build up of debt before the GFC and the collapse of real interest rates are both signs of big problems in the global financial system. The threat is stagnation, which is of concern when looking for investment returns.

What we learned this week 20 June 14

19 June 2014 |

learnSMSFs are changing behaviour of listed companies, financial advice debate heats up, US interest rates may rise, Australian housing expensive, consumer sentiment weak, Australians saving more.

What we learned this week 6 June 14

05 June 2014 |

learnAn ATO crackdown on no interest loans within an SMSF, gold is back, worrying housing signals, government debt distorting markets, European deflation, harder to buy apartments in SMSFs and potential flaws in diversification.

Is it ever the right time?

04 June 2014 |

timeThe mining boom has stalled globally. But is that reason for pessimism towards mining stocks? It depends how you see it.

What all those high paid advisers do

04 June 2014 |

PaidThere is not a lot of evidence that high priced asset and investment advice actually helps superannuation funds get better returns. But it is worth taking a look at what they do.

Fund managers look overseas

03 June 2014 |

Over seasThe amount of shares Australians own overseas now exceeds the amount of shares owned by foreigners in Australia. This partially reflects the buying of overseas shares by super fund managers. Are DIY super investors being left behind?

Why the All Ords is hostage to commodity prices

29 June 2014 | Gary Stone

AdviceAlmost 60% of ASX stocks worth less than $1 billion are in the energy and materials sectors. That means that hard commodity prices have a big effect on the level of the overall market.

Why SMSFs are diving into property

25 June 2014 |

PropertyA survey of SMSFs is showing that mortgage brokers and internet sites are the main sources of information for DIY investors in property.

Are the banks expensive?

22 June 2014 | Broker reports editor

ExpensiveThe banks' share prices seem to be getting expensive when using the most basic investment metrics. But they still seem cheaper than the wider industrial sector. And their profits tend to be more reliable.

Is America riding for a fall?

18 June 2014 |

AmericaThe S&P 500 is looking expensive and corporate profits are coming under pressure. Is there a nasty surprise in store?

The pitfalls of buying overseas property

17 June 2014 |

OS HouseIn theory, the collapse of property prices in the US or Europe represents a great buying opportunity for DIY super funds. But that is only the start of the story.

Buy now, sell to selfies later

17 June 2014 |

SelfiesProfessional investors, who manage the big institutional funds, are looking at the "amateur" investors in the self manager super funds as potential targets. It potentially gives a guide to up and coming stocks.

Australian housing heads for the stratosphere

12 June 2014 |

AstroThe IMF ranks Australia third in the world for expensive housing. It is a caution for SMSF investors thinking of including housing in their portfolios.

The overseas share option

01 June 2014 |

OSSelf managed super investors who wish to diversify may wish to look at the US market, especially the S&P 500. Returns have been about 50% over the last two years. But this may be a reason for caution.


The money men are in charge

25 June 2014 | Reynard

In ChargeFinancialisation, the increasing share of developed economies taken by the finance sector, has become inexorable. But the bigger the sector gets, the harder it is to create customer value.

The great property secret

17 June 2014 | Reynard

SecretIf the key to property purchases is location, location, location, the key to investing in property is timing, timing, timing. Trouble is, timing is far harder to assess.

Zero interest rates and deflation make investment problematic

09 June 2014 | Reynard

DeflationAcross the developed world interest rates are close to zero. Australia is a little better off, but investors should understand a world in which the cost of capital has almost disappeared.

Pensions world wide in trouble

01 June 2014 | Reynard

Pension"Age is unnecessary" as Shakespeare's King Lear famously lamented. It is a good way to describe pensions across the developed world, which are struggling to keep up with ageing.

Putting the vice back into advice

25 June 2014 |

AdviceSlithershanks is intrigued by the Future of Financial Advice reforms. He is thinking of entering the industry and things are looking good.

Turn back the votes

04 June 2014 |

voteThe government seems dedicated to its program of turning back the votes. And it is working beautifully. After all, we don't want democracy being spoilt by the public. We don't know where they have been.

How committed are you?

25 June 2014 | Gary Stone

AdviceSuccessful investing requires sustained resolve. Surprises can easily happen and it can be very much a test of character. Talent only goes so far.

Kids miss their parents

09 June 2014 | Louise Bedford

Louise BedfordMany parents are in a race to keep up with work pressures, often because they are worried about their children's future. But it can come with a cost.


Too reckless to be allowed out

12 June 2014 |

RecklessThe Bank for International Settlements puts the global stock of derivatives at $710 trillion. It is equal to more than twice the capital stock of the world. The dangers of such massive leverage are great.


Setting up a self managed super fund

26 June 2014 | ATO Information guide

Thinking about setting up a SMSF ato guideThe Australian Tax office has produced a series of information booklets intended to help taxpayers know about their rights and obligations under Australian taxation law. Personal Super Investor has included a copy of the Setting up a SMSF booklet which is part of the series of information booklets to help readers understand the tax issues pertaining to SMSF's. These guides often change so always check the ATO website for updates.

1 per cent of Australia's GDP goes on super fees

23 June 2014 |

1 per centThose who let other people manage their super funds are paying three times what they should, according to Treasury. It merits close attention if you want to do as well as you can for your retirement.

The good times roll on

19 June 2014 |

Good timesSuper fund returns look to be strong again this financial year. And Australians are saving more.

One million SMSF players

11 June 2014 |

millionThere are over 1 million SMSF trustees. On average they are 60, have about $1.7 million in the fund and have grown the assets by five times over the last decade -- it is up $65 billion in the last year. It is an extraordinary story and a profound shift in the Australian financial landscape. 

Pensioners under pressure

09 June 2014 | Lisa Peters

PressureThe trend is clear. Ageing is making pensions harder to sustain and saving for yourself is paramount. Many pensioners are leaving. Australia is better off in terms of its government finances than many countries, but the same demographic shifts are occurring.

Banks and other big players still don't get it

02 June 2014 |

SqueezeIn the battle between banks and industry funds, the not-for-profits seem to have an advantage. But the big operators still seem only dimly aware of the self managed sector.



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