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The timing myth

17 December 2014 | David James

MythMany think that investment is all about doing things at the right time. The long term evidence says otherwise.

How overseas markets are faring

26 November 2014 |

WorldWith the All Ords turning into a dividend play, DIY investors seeking for capital gains should at least look at overseas equity markets. So what is happening?

Using exchange traded funds to create options

21 November 2014 |

ETFsExchange traded funds (ETFs) can enable investors to target areas that are not offered on the ASX. But it is important to have a sound philosophy of diversification.

The US bull market may have a way to go

18 November 2014 |

Bull MarketThe bull run in the equities market in the US should, if history is a guide, have a way to run. It may still be a buying opportunity for DIY super investors.

Dividends down, but still high

17 November 2014 |

UpThe Australian stock market has not gone anywhere in terms of share prices, but dividends remain high. It is an income, not a capital gains play.

Is the market a 'stag' market?

07 November 2014 |

stagnateStagging is investors buying in when there is optimism and selling out before reality bites. Is that what is happening in the stock market?

Megacaps and the banks

06 November 2014 |

BanksInstitutional investors prefer megacaps: the very biggest stocks. In the US, they may represent the best value. Locally, banks are the megacaps, and they seem to be fully priced.

Analysts ask if the market has reached a bottom

21 October 2014 |

BottomPicking the bottom of the market is the best way to make money. But doing it is difficult, and DIY super investors will need to be careful.

Managing volatility

20 October 2014 |

VolatilityVolatility is a psychological challenge to SMSF investors. The basic principles are clear enough, but actually adhering to them is always difficult.

Are the dangers in the world economy a super buying opportunity?

17 October 2014 |

OpportunityPeriods of pessimism and market weakness can make the best buying opportunities. The danger in the current situation is that there remains a weakness in the system itself. The global financial crisis is not yet over.

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