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US buybacks heaps, Australian buybacks 0

06 August 2014 |

USAIn America share buybacks are one reason the market has grown so strongly. In Australia, it is the opposite. But both markets may be about to change.

What stock brokers are saying

06 August 2014 |

BrokersThe brokers' take on Aristiocrat Leisure, Navitas, CSL, Woolworths, NAB, Amcor and others.

Are we about to enter into a global deal frenzy?

22 July 2014 |

DealAnalyst Jeremy Grantham reckons that the US market is becoming overheated. With interest rates so low, there is a possibility of a dangerous pick up in mergers, acquisitions and other deals. The return of confidence in the US carries dangers.

Will bank dividends come under pressure?

16 July 2014 |

banksDIY super investors have targeted banks because of their franked dividends. But the inquiry into the financial system may put that strategy under a cloud.

Is Westpac top heavy?

15 July 2014 |

WespacA broker report suggests that St George is a drain on Westpac's capital.

Why the All Ords is hostage to commodity prices

30 June 2014 | Gary Stone

AdviceAlmost 60% of ASX stocks worth less than $1 billion are in the energy and materials sectors. That means that hard commodity prices have a big effect on the level of the overall market.

Are the banks expensive?

23 June 2014 | Broker reports editor

ExpensiveThe banks' share prices seem to be getting expensive when using the most basic investment metrics. But they still seem cheaper than the wider industrial sector. And their profits tend to be more reliable.

Is America riding for a fall?

19 June 2014 |

AmericaThe S&P 500 is looking expensive and corporate profits are coming under pressure. Is there a nasty surprise in store?

Buy now, sell to selfies later

17 June 2014 |

SelfiesProfessional investors, who manage the big institutional funds, are looking at the "amateur" investors in the self manager super funds as potential targets. It potentially gives a guide to up and coming stocks.

The overseas share option

02 June 2014 |

OSSelf managed super investors who wish to diversify may wish to look at the US market, especially the S&P 500. Returns have been about 50% over the last two years. But this may be a reason for caution.

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