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A property puzzle

21 November 2013 | Staff reporter

 PuzzleDo restrictions on land availability greatly affect property prices? Many argue that developers have been manipulating the market for decades. But according to one analyst, the picture is more complex.

Property market dangers

17 November 2013 | Staff reporter


Both Australia and New Zealand's property markets are looking overheated. New Zealand's central banker is talking tough, Australia's is not. It suggests that Australian property is going to be allowed to run even further, but for investors there are serious dangers.

Housing supply and demand

12 November 2013 | Staff reporter


Australia has already had a housing bubble, the only surprise is that the bubble has not been pricked. One of the reasons is that the methods of making land available and the regulation of development have shaped supply and demand.

Housing market distortions

20 October 2013 | Melissa Peters

Housing distortionsA report by the Grattan Institute has reinforced the distortions in Australia's residential property market. For investors there is a judgement to be made about how safe a privileged asset class is going to be when ageing is likely to reduce demand over the longer term?


Property trusts require scrutiny

14 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

ScrutinyThe $2.7 billion takeover offer for Commonwealth Property Office Fund by Dexus Property Group and its Canadian joint-venture partner may go higher. But analysts think the wiggle room is limited.

Property prices under threat from baby boomers

13 October 2013 | Staff reporter

cash-inThe recent rise in the stock market and the property market is encouraging more baby boomers to retire. But this is posing a threat to those very same markets, suggesting gains might be temporary.

Property recovery will not be a repeat

13 October 2013 | Staff reporter

apartmentsThe apparent recovery in the property market will be in multi-unit dwellings rather than stand alone residences, which has implications for SMSF investors looking to invest in the sector. It also affects the prospects for investing in the shares of building products companies, who will struggle to increase profitability.

Is suburbia over?

10 October 2013 | Staff reporter

SuburbiaEndDiscussion continues about the future of suburbia and apartments in the Australian housing market, which is something of a battle between personal preference and government fiat. Meanwhile, banks are starting to lend aggressively for housing.

Positive property signs

10 October 2013 | Staff reporter

PositiveA decision by the Victorian state government to override objections to planning permits is indicative of the long term growth prospects in Melbourne. Meanwhile, the so-called "Sydney premium" has largely disappeared, suggesting that it is the most positive rental market in the short term.

AREITs need careful scrutiny

07 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

scrutinySMSF investors often prefer investment in commercial property for the income. AREITs, which proved to be a parlous sector in the lead up to the GFC, have become a more predictable asset class. But demand is weak and it is important to discriminate carefully.

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