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Only a quarter of stock market "healthy"

24 May 2014 |

Only 20 per cent healthyThe Australian stock market has big risks, according to analysts Lincoln Indicators. The Healthcare, Materials, Utilities and Energy sectors are especially problematic. Lincoln also gives its top picks for each sector.

Are the banks expensive?

23 May 2014 | Broker reports editor

Banks expensiveThe share prices of the banks are high when assessed in terms of their profits. Their dividends remain strong, but those expecting share price gains might want to look closely. The overall market, however, is in line with historical trends.

Banks still look strong

16 May 2014 | Broker reports editor

BankBank reporting season has ended and they are looking reasonably strong, although there are few signs of bargains. Revenue growth is improving and dividend yields are holding up.

NAB expensive but banks well placed

13 May 2014 | Broker reports editor

 NABA broker has downgrdaed its recommendation for National Australia Bank to a hold. But the prospects for the sector look good.

Regional banks get some equality with major banks

08 May 2014 | Broker reports editor

Rural BanksAfter the GFC, regional banks were severely downgraded because of their difficulties raising wholesale funding. There was a flight to the Big Four Banks. But regional banks are now seen as being on a similar footing.

Investing at the smaller end of the market

01 May 2014 | Broker reports editor

 small end DIY super investors tend to shy away from the smaller companies on the stock exchange. But there are ways of investing in the overall sector that are lower risk and there may be some opportunities. The sector looks undervalued when compared with the big companies.

What do the changes at NAB mean?

04 April 2014 | Broker reports editor

 NABThe departue of CEO Cameron Clyne at NAB has focused interest on the sector. Self managed super investors have greatly increased their holdings in the banks, although this has largely been at the expense of retail shareholders. What will it mean for bank share prices?

Banks steady but unremarkable

02 April 2014 | Broker reports editor

unremarkableThe banks look to be travelling relatively well, but are considered to be fully priced. The continued growth in housing lending suggests that investment in banks and investment in residential property are actually quite similar strategies.

Westpac solid but unexciting

20 March 2014 | Broker reports editor


Westpac is one of the banks much favoured by DIY investors. Brokers think it is unexciting, but believe it is benefiting from a better context for financial services companies.

Insurers may be worth a look

13 March 2014 | Broker reports editor

insuranceThe insurance sector may fail to meet its growth targets, but inflows are reasonably "normal" according to one broker.

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