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Beware selective memory

Fund managers and analysts are sales people first and truth tellers second

3 day(s) ago

No, fund managers do not have 'skin in the game' – SMSFs do

There is too much marketing hype from professional fund managers.

7 day(s) ago
The low interest rate party looks over
David James 10 May 2022

The first rate hike in over 11 years signals the end of cheaper and cheaper debt, which has caused asset bubbles around the world.

A battle of two inflations
David James 3 May 2022

Asset inflation has been soaring; now it is the turn of CPI inflation.



Is fixed interest starting to look more attractive than shares?
David James 11 May 2022

The ASX has been weakening and the long term bond yield is rising.

Insurance companies' outlook fair
David James 28 Apr 2022

Insurance companies are an important part of the stock exchange. How are they looking?

How inflation erodes returns
David James 27 Apr 2022

If interest rates rise, how will that be affected by inflation?