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‘Antiquated legislation’: Catalano pushes rules overhaul in bid to create regional media giant

 | 12 Apr 2021  |  News

Real estate entrepreneur Antony Catalano wants to combine the newsrooms of his publishing company with broadcaster Prime Media Group and will intensify his push for regulatory overhaul to realise ambitions of creating a regional media giant.

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China’s dilemma: Growing old before it becomes rich and powerful

 |  12 Apr 2021  |  News

For all countries, a lot depends on the dependency ratio. That is, the number of people aged under 14 and over 65, compared with the rest of the population.

House prices are going ballistic

 |  12 Apr 2021  |  News

One obsession unites the rich world: housing. In the past year billions of people have been cooped up inside their homes for hours on end. 

Apps amp counterfeit trade

Banking Day |  22 Feb 2021  |  Investing

Encrypted messaging app Telegram has turned into an outlet for the sale of counterfeit currency with advertisers pushing the use of illegal notes in everyday transactions.

‘Squashed’: Smaller publishers fear fatal consequences from Facebook’s news ban

SMH |  22 Feb 2021  |  News

Small news and lifestyle websites are urging the government to resolve a dispute with Facebook amid fears the social media giant's decision to ban news from its platform in Australia will have fatal consequences for their operations.