Low rates pushing SMSFs to look beyond cash

Predictably, the low interest rates on cash are forcing SMSF investors to look elsewhere, especially shares.

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The climate scam is an attempt to save capitalism

Capitalist systems are ailing and the climate 'Great Reset' is a sinister attempt to find a way out.

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Growing interest in SMSFs – and they are bullish
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Too much money, too few investments
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The 2020-21 ABS report has some important pointers.



The cyclical view
David James 22 Nov 2021

The most common way to assess markets is to see them in terms of cycles. Because it is most common, it is what shifts markets.

Aussies more interested in trading shares
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But is it gambling? There are certainly some perils.

Are gold companies about to glister?
David James 17 Nov 2021

Surging inflation is traditionally good for producers of the yellow stuff.