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'We are not mongrels or bastards'

SMH |  30 May 2018  |  Economics

Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan says the Australian Taxation Office has agreed to trial independent reviews when small businesses and individuals are in dispute with the agency over a tax matter, following /react-text a joint Fairfax-Four Corners investigation react-text: 411 into the agency.

Appearing before Senate estimates on Wednesday morning, Mr Jordan took issue with the joint investigation's revelations of small business taxpayers being harassed, intimidated and bullied by the agency, and then having insufficient avenues to appeal the decisions and get adequate compensation.

Mr Jordan acknowledged that the ATO was "not perfect and we make mistakes" but said that the investigation gave a "distorted" picture about the extent of tax disputes. /react-text

react-text: 429 The Inspector-General of Taxation Ali Noroozi has claimed the ATO makes mistakes in about 5 per cent of cases, or one in 20, but Mr Jordan thinks that number is overstated. /react-text


react-text: 431 "There is no evidence for this," he said. "But I will say we could probably be better at acknowledging our real mistakes, apologising, compensating for any actual financial loss and moving on."

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