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Preschool teachers demand $100,000 salaries in Fair Work Commission

The Age  |  19 June 2019  |  News

University-educated preschool teachers who missed out on Labor's promised taxpayer-funded pay rises are pushing ahead with a demand for large pay increases in the Fair Work Commission, with the Independent Education Union seeking salaries of up to $101,767.

The union is demanding pay increases of up to 49 per cent for its most experienced members, arguing they should be paid the same as primary school teachers with identical university qualifications, in a case with ramifications for other low-paid, female-dominated industries.

"If we're successful it will be a very significant case legally, and it will also have a major impact on our early childhood teacher members," IEU Assistant Secretary Carol Matthews said.

The IEU says early childhood teachers working in long daycare do similar work to primary school teachers, but have historically been underpaid because more than 95 per cent are women.

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