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Why this crisis is next level for the PM

The Age  |  02 November 2017  |  Investment News

The dual citizenship question burning like a subterranean coal fire beneath capital hill, is threatening collapse. A full blown "legitimation crisis" looms.

Confidence between the represented and the representative, is threadbare.

It is far from clear that more dual-allegiance MPs will not come forward, or be named in politically calamitous circumstances.

Governments are usually blamed for chaos in parliament, as Tony Abbott showed in Julia Gillard's day.


But this? This is "next level" chaos, extending beyond disruptive antics in the House, to the much deeper question of who legally occupies the chamber from which the very government is drawn.

Already, the Coalition's absolute majority has been obliterated - if temporarily.

For a stranded Malcolm Turnbull, it must feel as if the music has stopped and he is the one left standing.

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