December 2014


The folly of predictions

12 December 2014 |

FollyInvestors always want to know what the future holds but no-one knows. It can be a trap.

Debt and housing crises

18 December 2014 |

HousingAustralia has had a debt fuelled explosion in housing prices, which has created a generational divide and made the Australian economy, and banks, dependent on the housing market. The lesson of crises, meanwhile, is that they are usually caused by excessive debt.

The timing myth

17 December 2014 | David James

MythMany think that investment is all about doing things at the right time. The long term evidence says otherwise.

Will property investors be constrained?

11 December 2014 |

HousingProperty buying for investment, rather than owner-occupying, is running at a furious rate. There are signs that the regulators will soon move to make it more difficult.

The borrowing to buy property conundrum

03 December 2014 |

ChancePressure seems to be growing to curb SMSFs borrowing to buy into the housing market. Especially for existing dwellings.


Is too much money chasing too few investments?

16 December 2014 |

InvestmentsAs the super pool grows, it could be that too much capital for the scale of local investment options may be being created. This has great implications for DIY super investors, especially in relation to diversification.

Money for nothing and your fees for free

09 December 2014 |

freemoneyWhat exactly do the fabulously well rewarded players in the super industry do to deserve their rewards? The Murray inquiry into the Financial Services Industry has asked some pointed questions.

What falling commodity prices mean

03 December 2014 |

FallingA seismic shift is underway in the global commodity markets. Its implications for the Australian economy and markets will be significant.

What we learned this week

17 December 2014 |

learnProblems in auditing and accounting, the gyrations in commodity markets, the threat of deflation, lobbyists defend SMSF borrowing, demand for SMSFs remains strong.

Household gods

10 December 2014 |

GodWhy investment bankers are unappreciated deities.

What we learned this week

10 December 2014 |

learnDebate over borrowing in super intensifies, SMSF regulation to remain unchanged, the battle of the vested interests, property investments potentially at risk.

What we learned this week

03 December 2014 |

learnOil price drop, SMSFs mainly for over 50s, convergence of financial services, terms of trade declines, divorce a minefield, dangers of limited recourse borrowing and DIY investors are canny.


Super concession our biggest tax expenditure

16 December 2014 |

PieThe concessions on super are Australia's biggest tax expenditure according to the latest MYEFO statement. It raises some tricky economic and political issues.

Older generation v younger generations

10 December 2014 |

OldThe growing divide between the older and younger generations in Australia will determine the political context for super over the coming decades.

Does the dropping oil price indicate deflation?

01 December 2014 |

deflationThe sharp drop in the oil price has been replicated in gold, the $A and copper. It all points to an intensifying of deflationary pressure.


The risks of 'cheap' shares

05 December 2014 |

Danger"Buy on weakness" is a common stock broker recommendation. But are there dangers in purchasing shares when they have fallen? Some research suggests so.

Don't panic

04 December 2014 |

PanicInvestors have a tendency to panic when markets become volatile. They can easily become become their own worst enemy.


When to quit an SMSF

18 December 2014 |

ByeA Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to PSI readers. To end the year, we look at when an SMSF is closed.

Cutting out the middle man

15 December 2014 |

Rick KlinkSMSF investors who are looking to diversify their investments often find themselves paying high annual fees. One provider reckons they have the solution.

The conflicts of interest in super, wealth management and financial advice

09 December 2014 |

conflictThe dominance of the banks and insurance companies has defined the wealth management, super and fianncial advice industries. There are many potential structural conflicts of interest and DIY super investors need to understand the implications.

Murray recommends no borrowing in SMSFs

08 December 2014 |

RulesThe FSI has been released and it is recommending no borrowing in SMSFs. It is also recommending changes that would affect the major banks and the residential property market.


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