Jan 2017


Allan Gray takes top spot in Aussie equity fund rankings

27 January 2017 | Financial Review

Allan Gray

Deep-value fund managers Allan Gray was the top performing Australian equity fund in 2016, according to financial research firm Mercer.

Chilling tale of Origin Energy whistleblower

27 January 2017 | The Age


January 23 will be a day to remember for whistleblowers, regulators, politicians – and, of course, corporations.

Govt must resolve to conduct royal commission

18 January 2017 | Financial Observer


Labor has renewed calls for the government to conduct a royal commission into Australia’s financial services sector.

The CEO of a $3.9 trillion fund giant has a message

18 January 2017 | Business Insider

Money has been pouring out of active management and into index funds.

Millennials may need to double how much they save for retirement

27 January 2017 | Washington Post


The projections are in and Wall Street analysts have pretty low expectations for how the stock market will perform this year.


No Dow 20000 Yet, but Bitcoin Gets Its Milestone

04 January 2017 | WSJ

bitcoinWith trading volumes rising and some countries making large cash payments more difficult, higher demand has pushed the bitcoin price up


Many of 2016’s Recession Warning Signs Turned Out to Be Economic False Alarms

04 January 2017 | WSJ

From stalled hiring to plunging stocks, a look back at recession signals that weren't

ASX in 2016: shocks, turnarounds, and those marvellous miners

02 January 2017 | The Age

In a year characterised by a series of shocks and sharp reversals of fortunes, many shareholders will remember 2016 as the year Australia's miners roared back to life after a painfully long period in the doldrums.

Will Aussie dollar tank when US rates overtake Australia's in 2017?

30 December 2016 | The Age

There is a "realistic" prospect that in 2017 interest rates in the United States will be higher than in Australia for the first time in 15 years, NAB economists say. The last time this happened, the Aussie dollar plunged as low as US48¢.


Why is it so hard to overcome bias in decision-making? Becasue you're human

04 January 2017 | World Economic Forum

humanThere are tons of cognitive biases that affect our daily decision-making.

Five biggest mistakes people make saving for retirement

31 December 2016 | The Age

ETFSaving for retirement is a multi-decade investing venture, even for those approaching retirement. Indeed, actuaries in 2015 stated that there is a 70 per cent chance that one of a 65-year-old couple will reach 90 years old, meaning that even retirement is a multi-decade investing proposition.


Rethinking group insurance

05 January 2017 | Investment Magazine


On the first Saturday in March 2016 Jenny Oliver was at her local netball courts in Sydney, but she wasn’t watching when her daughter scored a goal. Oliver, who heads up the group insurance division of Australia’s largest life insurer TAL Life, had missed it because both eyes were glued to her smartphone watching the comments unfold on a story the Sydney Morning Herald was running about alleged improper claims handling practices at rival CommInsure. 


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