Jun 2019


RBA poised to swing the axe on rates again; the market says it has to

30 June 2019 | Stephen Letts

Having sat on the sidelines for almost three years, is the Reserve Bank about to get into a cutting binge that would leave Royal Show axemen breathless?

The June meeting saw a 25 basis point chip flying off the cash rate, cleaving it down to a new low of 1.25 per cent.

There is little doubt there is more to come.

RBA governor Philip Lowe was about as explicit as a central banker could be when he said it would be "unrealistic to expect that lowering interest rates by quarter of a percentage point will materially shift the path we look to be on".


We have many world best practice companies

30 June 2019 | Phil Ruthven

Overall, Australia’s businesses are way below world best practice (WBP) when it comes to profitability and have been for decades. 

Preparation for PAYG employees at tax time

30 June 2019 | Phil Ruthven

It’s time to get your tax return sorted and crucially to ensure you pay the right amount of tax.

Preschool teachers demand $100,000 salaries in Fair Work Commission

19 June 2019 | The Age

University-educated preschool teachers who missed out on Labor's promised taxpayer-funded pay rises are pushing ahead with a demand for large pay increases in the Fair Work Commission, with the Independent Education Union seeking salaries of up to $101,767.


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