June 2018


Trump is stumbling toward inevitable disaster with his trade moves

07 June 2018 | Noah Smith

A roundup of recent developments from the front lines of the Great Trade War doesn't look good.


Accused ANZ bankers are more Keystone Cops than criminals

07 June 2018 | David Fickling

What's worse than calling a banker dishonest? Calling them stupid. That may be the best defence of the former Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and ANZ Bank executives who've been charged with criminal cartel offences over a 2015 placement of $2.5 billion of ANZ shares.


The same day Malcolm gets his pay rise, thousands have penalties cut

28 June 2018 | The Age

Fact 1: Next week on July 1, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will enjoy a weighty pay rise, meaning he’ll pocket more than $538,000 over the next year.

Student debt: how the government's Hecs changes will affect you

28 June 2018 | The Guardian

From Sunday, thousands of students and graduates across the country will have to start paying off their debts earlier than expected.

Shooting the messenger: the 'chilling effect' of criminalising journalism

25 June 2018 | The Guardian

At a time when journalists have never been more needed to explain the complexities of an increasingly integrated world, they have never been more under threat: jailed in increasing numbers by some of the more authoritarian administrations, threatened with prosecution in the countries which have democratic governments.

CBA to spin off wealth management and mortgage broking arm

25 June 2018 | The SMH

Commonwealth Bank of Australia plans to demerge its wealth management and mortgage broking businesses, CFS Group, and undertake a strategic review of its general insurance business, including a potential sale.

Who's better on tax for you? Labor or Liberal?

20 June 2018 | The Age

Labor’s declaration that it won’t vote for stage two and stage three of the Coalition’s tax plan has suddenly made the choice at the next election clear.

Telstra to axe 8,000 jobs

20 June 2018 | The Age

Telstra CEO Andy Penn has announced a drastic plan to cut costs at the struggling carrier, including a reduction of 8,000 jobs from its workforce, about a quarter of its total headcount.


PwC sent anonymous #metoo report

20 June 2018 | AFR

The letter arrived without warning in the mailboxes of almost two dozen senior partners of PwC Australia, including chief executive Luke Sayers, late last year.

Formula behind CBA's record $700m penalty revealed

07 June 2018 | AFR

The formula that led to Commonwealth Bank's record-breaking $700 million settlement with AUSTRAC has been revealed with the bulk of the penalty being sheeted back to its failure to conduct due diligence on customers or properly assess the risks posed by its high-tech ATM network.

'Desperate people do desperate things': loan fraud alleged at giant

07 June 2018 | Adele Ferguson

The crisis at Mortgage Choice is deepening with documents emerging that show almost half its brokers are considered "low performers" for failing to meet the loan giant's controversial sales targets.


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