March 2015


BHP and its dividends

31 March 2015 | Staff writer

BHPBHP Billiton is one of the world's resources giants and is a behemoth of the local bourse. Analysts believe it is fully priced, but it may also be attractive for its dividend, which is unusual for a mining company.

The flat lining Australian stock market

23 March 2015 | David James

FlatWhy is the Australian stock market going nowhere when world stock markets are rising? The answer is probably the concentration on dividend yield in the domestic market.

Mr Henry does something curious

20 March 2015 | David James

yieldThe former head of the Treasury, Dr Ken Henry, has made a curious investment observation. He has questioned investors focusing on yield.</p,

Property trusts strong

18 March 2015 | Staff writer

StrongProperty trusts are doing well, although there are some concerns in the office market. They may offer diversification options.


What does your financial adviser talk about?

24 March 2015 |

WolfFinancial advisers do not necessarily put their clients first. It is wise to pay a lot of attention to what they focus on in their discussions.

The perils of responding to events

12 March 2015 | Reynard

RiskWhen portfolios are diversified there are some times when the returns will disappoint. It requires psychological toughness.

What we learned this week

27 March 2015 | Staff writer

learnSuper biased towards growth, Future Fund criticises portfolios, defensive strategies not as effective, criticisms of SMSF trustees, pensions under long term pressure, the need to use bonds in portfolios.

What we learned this week

13 March 2015 | Staff writer

learnAccountants not sure about getting financial advice licences, SMSFs still hoarding cash, non-concessional contributions, SMSFs look overseas, the high cost of letting home buyers dip into super, minimum pension requirements.


Are we in for another debt crisis?

30 March 2015 | David James

crashMany are predicting another sovereign debt crisis in emerging countries. It may happen, but the markets rarely do what people expect. For SMSF investors it is wise not to over-react, even if there are adverse events.

Household debt looms large

16 March 2015 | David James

DebtAustralia's soaring private indebtedness is a growing problem. But is is not certain that much can be done about it.


Are investors their own worst enemy?

16 March 2015 | David James

Worst EnemyThe problem with human psychology is that it can get in the way of rational decision making. It is something to remember for those who have a DIY super fund.

SMSFs look abroad

23 February 2015 |

Going global Analysis by the SMSFA suggests that as the global economy recovers, trustees are looking overseas.


America having its own debate about financial advice

26 March 2015 | Staff reporter

debateIt is not just Australia that is looking very closely at the financial advice industry and its effect on retirement funds. The United States is also examining the issue closely as well.

Churn in the financial advice industry

24 March 2015 | Staff reporter

exitThe financial advice sector is making a come back, but there is a high level of dissatisfaction amongst some clients. Many also consider full service too costly.

Combining the housing and super juggernauts

11 March 2015 | David James

Joe HockeyPutting together super and housing would distort the Australian economy even more. Treasurer Joe Hockey's flagging of the idea seems ill advised.


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