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Apps amp counterfeit trade

22 February 2021 | Banking Day

Encrypted messaging app Telegram has turned into an outlet for the sale of counterfeit currency with advertisers pushing the use of illegal notes in everyday transactions.

Minister in second clash with Indigenous Land and Sea board

22 February 2021 | SMH

The board of the powerful Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation appointed a new chief executive late last year in the face of strong opposition from the Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt.

Lands boss digs in despite ‘no confidence’ from federal minister

22 February 2021 | SMH

The chairman of a powerful Indigenous organisation that controls hundreds of millions of dollars in land assets – including Ayers Rock Resort - is refusing to resign, despite federal Minister Ken Wyatt’s loss of confidence in him and two board motions of no confidence in his leadership.

‘Squashed’: Smaller publishers fear fatal consequences from Facebook’s news ban

22 February 2021 | SMH

Small news and lifestyle websites are urging the government to resolve a dispute with Facebook amid fears the social media giant’s decision to ban news from its platform in Australia will have fatal consequences for their operations.

‘Failing the people’: Calls for royal commission into ‘broken’ system

22 February 2021 | SMH

A group of senior Indigenous men and women are calling on the federal government for a wide-ranging royal commission into Indigenous corporations and statutory bodies to fix what they say is a “broken system”.

‘It’s a good proposal, it makes sense’: Microsoft backs proposed media bargaining laws

03 February 2021 |

US software giant Microsoft has thrown its support behind proposals to force tech giants to pay media companies for news and issued a veiled swipe against rivals Google and Facebook for threatening to reduce services in Australia.

'Hanging on by a thread': Faces of the cancelled economy

06 April 2020 |

Lea-Ann Suthern's normally buzzing hair dressing salon in Sydney's Newtown is half empty and the phone keeps on ringing with more customers cancelling because they are worried about coronavirus.

Technology startups are headed for a fall

05 April 2020 | The Economist

FOR A SENSE of how covid-19 is affecting the world’s technology “unicorns”, as privately held firms worth $1bn or more have come to be known, consider two of them. Lime, a scooter-rental firm valued at $2.4bn, has halted its services in Europe and America, where most citizens have been told to stay off the streets. 

Lockdowns in Asia have sparked a stampede home

05 April 2020 | The Economist

WHERE DO YOU belong? This is not a metaphysical question. For English-speaking Indians, “belonging” to a place means simply that you come from there, as in, “I live in Delhi but belong to Bengal.” Yet for millions of migrant labourers, not only in India but across Asia, covid-19 has given the question new meaning.

With millions stuck at home, the online wellness industry is booming

05 April 2020 | The Economist

UP OFF YOUR chairs and just start lifting those feet,” chirps a woman sporting green leggings as she marches energetically. Diana Moran, a fitness expert known as the Green Goddess, was a staple of 1980s British breakfast television. Now in her 80s, she is making a comeback.

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