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What we learned this week 11 Nov 14

12 November 2014 |

learnSMSFs over exposed to shares, why people set up SMSFs, the global decline in wages, super funds to disclose pay, what happens when trustees have health problems.

What we learned this week 4 Nov 14

04 November 2014 |

learnCompliance problems, worrying debt levels in SMSFs, the effect of the contributions cap, problems in financial advice, banks put pressure on Finance Inquiry and the US 10 year bond at the end of QE.

What we learned this week 29 Oct 14

29 October 2014 |

learnWhy property is high, pressure on borrowing in super, calls to fund better financial services regulation by users, the effects of QE on wealth distribution, the possible end of the oil era.

What we learned this week 23 Oct 14

22 October 2014 |

learnSuper pool is getting too big for Australia, ageing, SMSFs continue to grow, the rich love property.

What we learned this week 15 Oct 14

15 October 2014 |

learnReduced investor expectations, why bank stocks are still in favour, gold rises on fear, why timing is everything in super and the confused picture over borrowing in super.

What we learned this week 10 Oct 14

11 October 2014 |

learnTime is running out for debt in SMSF's borrowing to buy property, SMSFs love cash, US rates to stay low.

What we learned this week 19 Sept 14

19 September 2014 |

learnA housing bubble or not, foreign interest in commercial property, how to benefit from a falling $A and expectations of volatility in the markets.

What we learned this week 5 Sept 14

05 September 2014 |

learnBig four banks risky, RBA warns about property market, dividend bonanza, end of iron ore boom puts Australian economy in trouble, international markets boom, warnings about a credit bubble.

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