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Tony Shepherd takes aim at baby boomers

27 March 2017 | AFR

Tony Shepherd has lashed out at his own baby boomer generation's entitlement mentality, saying continued failure to address looming problems caused by the ageing population will ultimately erode the living standards of younger Australians.

ASIC needs more power over white-collar criminals, according to Senate

27 March 2017 | AFR

When Australian Securities and Investments Commission chairman Greg Medcraft told a room full of business journalists that Australia is a paradise for white-collar criminals, it ruffled a lot of feathers.

At a Senate estimates hearing the next day, Medcraft tried to "correct" the comments as reported. "Basically the point is that we want to make sure we don't become a paradise," he said.

Why Chinese investors keep buying Australian property: it's cheap

25 March 2017 | ABC

It is said real estate is all about "position, position, position".

Perspective could equally be thrown into the equation as well, and from the perspective of China's rapidly growing millionaire class, Australian capital city properties are not only cheap, but high-yielding as well.

Blackmail, extortion and slavery at a restaurant near you

25 March 2017 | The Age

Pawanjeet Heir's eyes well up as she retells the story of how she unwittingly became a victim of visa fraud, extortion and indentured servitude.

She is now facing her worst nightmare: deportation, along with her husband and young son, who have given up hope after the system failed them.

Property investors punched by out-of-cycle interest rate hikes

25 March 2017 | AFR

Property investors with interest-only loans from Commonwealth Bank of Australia have been hit with a second interest rate rise in six weeks, as banks seek to stave off more aggressive regulatory intervention in the housing market. 

Malcolm Turnbull vows no surrender on company tax plan

25 March 2017 | AFR

The federal government will not give up trying to implement its full package of company tax cuts after the Senate votes next week to allow only the first phase of the 10-year plan – a tax cut for small business.

Slater and Gordon: ASIC clears embattled law firm of falsifying records

24 March 2017 | ABC

The corporate regulator has cleared embattled law firm Slater and Gordon of falsifying its financial records and accounts, saying there was no indication of any breach of law and no penalties will be enforced.

Home ownership 8 per cent higher in suburbs with shared equity schemes

24 March 2017 | The Age

Suburbs with shared equity schemes have seen an 8 per cent rise in levels of home ownership compared to similar areas in NSW and Victoria, a new study has found, as debate surrounds the government's housing affordability package expected in the May budget.

A $4.7 trillion deal? Painter tells SEC he's richer than Gates, Buffett and Bezos

24 March 2017 | The Age

A few hours after the New York market closed on February 1, an obscure Chicago artist by the name of Antonio Lee told the world he had become the world's richest man.

Republicans delay House vote to repeal Affordable Care Act

24 March 2017 | The Guardian

The Republicans on Thursday abandoned a vote on their plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as Donald Trump and House speaker Paul Ryan faced rebellion across the House Republican caucus.

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