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Does the dropping oil price indicate deflation?

01 December 2014 |

deflationThe sharp drop in the oil price has been replicated in gold, the $A and copper. It all points to an intensifying of deflationary pressure.

Where are interest rates heading?

30 October 2014 |

Where toRelatively benign inflation numbers suggest that we are heading into a stable interest rate environment. It suggests that DIY investors will need to diversify away from cash to get good returns.

Five implications of a lower $A

29 September 2014 |

FiveThe $A seems to be headed on a downwards path. What does it mean for DIY investors?

The health and longevity bomb

10 September 2014 |

populationThe problem is simple. Populations in developed economies are ageing and the sums to fund it don't add up. Especially when health care is taken into account. It is crucial to save for yourself because the government's ability to care for its population will weaken.

Capital expenditure trends positive

07 August 2014 |

TrendsThe indicators for capital expenditure suggest that the economy may become more balanced as the mining boom eases.

It's going to be tough to be old in Australia

10 April 2014 |

workThe "demographic bulge" is about to put great pressure on the Australian budget. A raising of the pension age, more means testing of welfare and co-payments for government services are all being put on the table by governments. The pressure to make DIY super work is increasing.

Private debt good, public debt bad?

18 February 2014 | PSI

Public Private DebtOne of the lessons of the GFC is that high public debt is more dangerous than high private debt. Countries with excessive government debt suffered much more than those with low debt. Australia's public debt is low, which may explain some of the lack of impact of the economies other excesses.

Australia ok while China ok

26 November 2013 | Broker reports editor


Government finances may be coming under pressure, but Australia's exports picture is looking rosy, which will provide some impetus to economic growth. But it is all based on China, elsewhere the export picture is weak.

Lower wage growth a drag

21 November 2013 | PSI

Lower Wages

Investors should assess the likely impact of lower wage growth on the Australian economy and financial options. Some are arguing that interest rates will have to stay low, and the high $A is having a big impact.

Why our regulators are powerless on the $A

14 November 2013 | PSI

Powerless Regulators can control the currency, capital flows and interest rates -- but not all three at the same time. It is called the trilemma and it is limiting regulators' options. It suggests SMSF investors should be looking offshore.

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