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Companies must now earn the ATO's trust

22 February 2017 | AFR

Directors will come under fresh scrutiny by the Australian Tax Office as the revenue authority seeks to build "justified trust" with the nation's top 1000 companies.

The move will change how the ATO approaches its tax review obligations with the level of enforcement determined by where a company sits in terms of its tax and risk control systems.

Fair Work Commission ready to hand down decision on weekend penalty rates

22 February 2017 | AFR

The Fair Work Commission's long-awaited decision on whether to cut weekend penalty rates in retail, hospitality and fast-food industries will be handed down on Thursday morning.


Coalition rule change allowed Australia Post to keep massive CEO salary secret

21 February 2017 | SMH

Government entities such as Australia Post - which the Turnbull government is now demanding be more transparent - were explicitly told they could keep senior executive salaries secret under watered-down rules issued by the Coalition two years ago.

A manifesto for Generation Rent

21 February 2017 | SMH

"Affordability, that's what we've got on offer here today," announces the auctioneer of a two-bedroom flat 12 kilometres from the CBD with a guide price of $650,000.

"For those entering the market, and for investors, it ticks all the boxes," he continues, opening a frenzied bidding session that doesn't stop until $780,000.

Don Meij tribute paid for by Domino's franchisees

21 February 2017 | AFR

It was way back in May last year, long before accusations of widespread wage fraud had been levelled at market juggernaut Domino's Pizza, when we marvelled at the adulatory website the company was maintaining in tribute to its chief executive Don Meij. Red flag right there!

Domino's scandal: franchisee selling visas

13 February 2017 | The Age

"I will say straight that we want to sell this sponsorship," a Domino's Pizza franchisee blurts down the line in Mandarin.

"But you need to pay some money," he says before stating the price.

CBA unit BankWest set to axe negative gearing tax breaks

13 February 2017 | AFR

Bankwest is set to rock the $1 trillion mortgage market and more than 1.5 million property investors by axing negative gearing benefits that drive lucrative residential property investment, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney.

Financial stress: We're worrying ourselves sick over money

12 February 2017 | ABC


It was a break-up with her partner four years ago that plunged Shari Rainbow into sudden financial dire straits.

"Within a month, I went from owning my own home and having a pretty successful small business to losing the lot and being left in debt," says Ms Rainbow, who lives on the Gold Coast with her three children.

Reuniting owners with $2.7b lost funds

12 February 2017 | ABC


A peak superannuation body is calling on the Federal Government to take more responsibility in helping reunite Australians with billions of dollars in unclaimed super.

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) estimates the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is currently holding an estimated $2.7 billion from more than 4 million unclaimed super accounts.


Melbourne renting: Rent at record highs, rising faster than incomes and vacant

12 February 2017 | The Age

With a record number of new homes approved, Melburnians might think renting is getting easier.

But here is what the city’s rental picture actually looks like: rents are at record highs and rising faster than incomes, the number of vacant properties is shrinking and properties defined as “affordable” to those on low incomes are disappearing.


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