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Debt crisis may be opportunity

08 October 2013 | PSI

debtThe strangeness of the current situation with the potential stand off over the US debt ceiling is that it is likely to cause investors to buy US Treasuries. The biggest impact will probably be felt in the stock market, which may well open up opportunities for investors. The high Australian dollar may also be a reason to look offshore.

US shutdown may create opportunity

07 October 2013 | PSI

USShutDownThe growing intransigence in US politics is of mainly psychological importance in the markets, but psychology matters. High levels of volatility seem assured and this may create opportunities for SMSF investors.

Is America's self-destruction an opportunity?

02 October 2013 | PSI

USAOpprtunityThe American economy may be adversely affected by the political gridlock in Washington. If there is serious volatility it may open up some buying opportunities. Investors may gain from watching the markets closely for mis-pricing.

World economy looking strong

24 September 2013 | Staff Reporter

The world economy appears to be turning the corner. It may be time for investors to position more aggressively as the after-effects of the GFC finally wane.

The Fed's decision to keep the taps on

20 September 2013 | PSI

Money tap
The decision by the US Federal Reserve to keep pumping out money has caught many by surprise. It shows just how fragile the global economy still is.

China looking stronger -- for now

17 September 2013 | PSI

China EconomyChina is looking to have rebalanced its growth, which is critical for the Australian market. But can the Communist Party manage the massive imbalances in the economy?

What reporting season is telling us

05 September 2013 | PSI

The reporting season had relatively few surprises and resulted in low market turnover. That is probably good news for the stock market and underlines its advantage as a yield play. We look at how some of the sectors performed.

Chinese Walls Remain Strong

18 July 2013 | PSI

China secureThe constant hand wringing about China's economic growth is consuming local commentary. Treasurer Chris Bowen announced today that the China boom is owner, showing surprising confidence in his economic judgement considering how little time he has spent in the job. Investors trying to draw too many conclusions from this, however, should be cautious. For 20 years, China has confounded Western expectations and it remains on its unique path.

How To Respond to End of China Boom

28 June 2013 | Staff reporters

End of CHina boomAustralia is coming to the end of a massive investment boom in resources, which has helped the country sail through the effects of the global financial crisis. The risk now is that there will be a delayed GFC as that boom comes off. 

What does the China Threat Mean to Australia?

07 June 2013 | Staff reporters

China threatAn article in today's Age by John Garnaut sounds an alarming tone about the future of the Chinese economy. The 35 year expansion, the greatest era of sustained wealth creation the world has ever seen, may be coming under pressure:

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