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Clouds over the Australian economy

28 October 2013 | PSI

Westpac's chief economist is calling for further drops in interest rates to spark the Australian economy after the mining boom ends. It is not likely to be enough; Australia is likely to develop the weaknesses of the other economies of the developed world.

How Australia's rent seekers affect super

11 October 2013 | PSI

rentA speech by a well known economist about partisan politics, lobbying and the uneven effect on industry sectors is an important element in the thinking of investors. It suggests that SMSF owners are likely to be left alone by government, but they need to follow what decisions governments are making.

Will the over-60s be taxed?

02 October 2013 |

Over60There is an increasing level of noise about introducing taxation on superannuants who are over 60. While it is extremely unlikely either side of politics would do anything that would result in a voter backlash there are many issues that should be watched. Super splitting is one of them.

The great rotation into property

27 September 2013 | PSI

Back-into-propertyThere are growing signs that confidence is returning in the property market. After hoarding cash and reducing debt in the wake of the GFC, Australians are starting to look at property investment again. That is also true of SMSF investors, who are bringing in large amounts of funds into play.

Big super funds target SMSF owners

27 September 2013 |

SMSF TargetThe big industry and retail funds have been losing business to SMSFs, who want to take over their own investing. The big funds don't like it so are increasing the pressure on the Abbott government to make the rules more difficult for DIY super. The battle will continue.

The debt in retirement puzzle

02 September 2013 | PSI

The conventional wisdom is that debt should be reduced or eliminated in retirement. But the lowest interest rates in decades have changed the risk and reward equation, and some closer scrutiny is just

Signs of life in global economy

29 August 2013 | PSI

AustraliaThe global economy is sputtering to life as the developed world gets over the shock of the GFC. There is a long way to go, but there will be repercussions for Australia in the form of a weaker currency, and a less skewed economy. Investors may benefit form looking offshore.

Global Gloom in Markets

23 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Global gloomThe stuttering of the American market is continuing, suggesting that we are a long way for a bull market internationally. The Bespoke Investment Group has this to say:

Is Australia Having a Delayed GFC and what are the Options?

07 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Australian GFC?Doing reasonably well in tough times is the hall mark of good long term investing. And there are growing indications that those tough times are coming. As mining investment cools, the skewing of the economy towards resources, so called "Dutch disease" is leaving its mark. 

Is it time to sell retail stocks?

06 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Time to sell retail?The signs of recession are growing. Fund manager Robert Montgomery commented on the ABC  that the collapse of the mining services sector, which he says equates with 1.5% of the economy, could, on its own, go close to tipping Australia into recession. He reasons that even if people start talking about recession

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