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Questions about the diversified financials sector

17 September 2013 | PSI

RiskThe diversified financials sector can help investors diversify their portfolios, but there are a number of questions about the sector. There is some analysis of preferred stocks but caution is justified.

Australian banks v international hedge funds

16 September 2013 | PSI

TargetReports are coming out that international hedge funds are targeting Australian banks as overvalued. But how accurate are their judgments, and are they to be trusted?

Is CBA getting overheated on lending?

12 September 2013 | PSI

CBAThere are growing concerns about the mortgage market becoming overheated due to the fall in interest rates. The most aggressive player is the Commonwealth Bank and a broker report suggests that there may be risks ahead.

Airlines are being re-rated

11 September 2013 | PSI

Airline's re-ratedThere is increasing demand for air travel in Asia, but that does not necessarily translate into good investment prospects. The weakening Australian dollar is already having a negative effect, although the removal of the carbon tax will be a positive.

The election's impact on the stock market

10 September 2013 | PSI

Abbott winThe election result was anything but a surprise, so the market is likely to have anticipated many of the consequences. But it is still worth looking carefully at what the impact will be on sectors and companies.

The battle for the banks after the GFC

05 September 2013 | PSI

BankThe global big banks have been quietly preparing to take depositor's money if they get into trouble again. Meanwhile, there is a push amongst regulators to make banks more accountable by focusing on equity. It is the future of the global financial system at stake.

Conventional retailers catch up

05 September 2013 | Broker reports editor

Retail SalesRetails sales surveys are indicating some moderate growth. As an indicator of the strength of the wider market, they may also be a useful leading indicator, underlying favourable sentiment for stocks with good dividend yields.

Lend Lease as a global play

05 September 2013 | PSI

Lend Lease cashflowLend Lease's Australian operations are coming under some pressure but the company has a growing international portfolio. This suggests that the stock is more of an international play, which may be attractive if the Australian dollar continues to slide.

Rio offers quality exposure and uncertainty

02 September 2013 | PSI

Mining TruckRio Tinto should be on attractive fundamentals but the earnings picture looks problematic, particularly with China's economy easing. Investor sentiment is at best mixed, but the quality of operations should be high.

Ausenco deals with lower expectations

29 August 2013 | PSI

ExpectationsEngineering and construction company Ausenco has benefited from the mining boom and is a global player. Its fundamentals are reasonably sound, but brokers are bearish because of earnings pressure. Is this time to look at the stock?

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