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Part 2. Superannuation Fund choices

04 May 2014 |

info buttonUnderstand your options before deciding on whether or not to set up a SMSF. If a DIY fund is the preferred option, it is important to focus on the primary objective of running a SMSF and sticking to it. Managing your own super fund can be complex so it makes a lot of sense to get help. Trying to save money by not getting the right advice from a professional could end up costing you more than you would have saved.

Have I got some nice junk for you

02 May 2014 |

 junkThe search for decent returns is evident in the growing appetite for junk bonds. Yet the yields are comparatively low when compared with what is available to Australian investors.

Slithershanks on property

02 May 2014 | PSI

 slithershanksProperty investors should always keep their goals in mind, such as becoming the Queen of Brazil one day, or perhaps writing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony before he did. It is an important lesson to remember.

Investing at the smaller end of the market

01 May 2014 | Broker reports editor

 small end DIY super investors tend to shy away from the smaller companies on the stock exchange. But there are ways of investing in the overall sector that are lower risk and there may be some opportunities. The sector looks undervalued when compared with the big companies.

The global property tidal wave

29 April 2014 |

property tsunamiHigh property prices and low affordability are becoming a global phenomenon. It is another example of the globalisation of investment markets. Super investors should take that into account when making decisions.

Money is all in the mind

28 April 2014 | Louise Bedford

Louise BedfordMoney is not bad in itself, but people do some strange things when they are dealing with it. Examining one's attitude to money is vital when investing. The self awareness can be invaluable.

Let the government create money

28 April 2014 |

makemoneyThe global financial crisis was caused by traders going wild, making up their own rules. Governments took a back seat. Many are calling for government to take back the control. It is an important debate for self managed super investors because financial stability is the most important variable in investment.

The great fee boom

28 April 2014 |

feeboomSuper fund managers are paid according to the size of assets under management, not a fee for service. As the super fund pool grows to $1.7 trillion, those fees are rising sharply. The cost to savers is massive, according to a new report.

Investment and cognitive bias

25 April 2014 | Reynard

BiasIt is common to talk about having and investment "philosophy". But what can real philosophy (and psychology) tell us about investment practice?

Picking the best portfolio allocations

24 April 2014 | Broker reports editor

AllocationMaking the right allocations into industry sectors is an important investment skill. Brokers are moving away from resources and Wesfarmers is believed to be fully priced.

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