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They want to keep your money for longer

23 April 2014 |

keeping your money longerThe finance industry is lobbying to raise the age at which people will be able to get access to their super. It is being justified as being in line with the raising of the retirement age, but closer scrutiny suggests there are darker motives.

The supposed advantage of shares

22 April 2014 |

AdvantageShares are supposed to do much better than other asset classes. But it depends when you start your comparison.

Sorry, you are going to live longer

14 April 2014 | Staff reporter

healthAustralia's superannuation system is going to fall short. DIY investors are on notice to be realistic about how long they will live. Is longevity insurance an option?

What happens if your adviser takes your money?

11 April 2014 |

stealA report by the Financial Ombudsman Service shows that some financial advisers are failing to look after their clients' money.

It's going to be tough to be old in Australia

10 April 2014 |

workThe "demographic bulge" is about to put great pressure on the Australian budget. A raising of the pension age, more means testing of welfare and co-payments for government services are all being put on the table by governments. The pressure to make DIY super work is increasing.

Accountants may not be able to give advice

09 April 2014 |

accountantThe rules permitting accountants to give financial advice are only an interim measure. Next financial year, all accountants will need to have acquired the appropriate licence, and only 30 have done so. A crisis could be in the offing.

The ATO is getting serious about compliance

08 April 2014 | Staff reporter

ATOUp until now, the ATO has only had a big stick to punish DIY super funds that do the wrong thing. Closing them down. But soon there are likely to be fines for contraventions, meaning that the risks of being penalised are likely to rise.

Why are interest rates so low when debt is so high?

08 April 2014 |

QuestionThe biggest puzzle facing super investors is the low level of interest rates at a time of high government debt. It is a symptom of the Dr Strangelove world of modern finance, where "notional" debt is out of control and the only way to cope is to have no cost on that debt.

Spending too much, look out

03 April 2014 | Reynard

Government DebtThere is a gap between what the government is getting paid and what it is spending that must be closed. That is not good news for investors.

High speed computers v you

03 April 2014 |

high speed tradingHigh frequency trading, feral computer programs manipulating share prices, are rife in the world's stock markets. It is hard to adjust investment strategies to cope, but super investors should at least be aware of their existence.

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