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Be yourself, know thyself

18 December 2013 | Staff reporter

knowSMSF investors should understand their own biases and tendencies if they are to make sound decisions. It is possible for very different people to do well, but self knowledge is key.

Australia's looming generation war: SMSF investors v first home buyers

17 December 2013 | Staff reporter

“smsfwar”The ATO has cleared up some issues around SMSF investors borrowing to buy property. But should DIY fund managers go into the hot property market? A Senate enquiry will be looking at issues of affordability and the availability of land.

Diversifying offshore

16 December 2013 | Staff reporter

OffshoreThe high $A suggests that looking offshore has its attractions. But the fate of Australia's currency is determined by forces larger than the performance of the local economy, making its direction unpredictable. And there are risks in overseas markets.

The layer above: the techies who really drive the markets

13 December 2013 | Reynard

“nerd”When SMSF investors undertake investments in the Australian share market or other asset markets, they should be aware that they are operating at the traditional level. Above them, there is another level of computer driven geekery that is using what they do as data to feed into their risk models.

Fear stronger than bubbles

11 December 2013 | PSI

fearThere are concerns that the American stock market is overheating and bubbles are beginning to form in the world economy. But fear remains the overriding sentiment, and investors are still parking much of their capital in cash, despite low interest rates.

Mid ranking shares often best value

10 December 2013 | Broker reports editor

rankBroker recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt. DIY fund investors can often do better by betting against them, according to one broker report.

Chick magnet avoids bird flu

06 December 2013 | PSI

"What does SMSF stand for? Is it: a)  Succubus Martes Solipsis Facto, which is Latin for Succubus Martes Solipsis Facto?"



Some investment principles

06 December 2013 | Reynard

“Principals”There are some key features of investment soundness: correlation, management skill, risk management, alignment of interest. These have different levels of relevance to SMSF investors but all should be considered.

Investors can do well in tougher times

06 December 2013 | PSI

“tough”SMSF investors need to consider the possibility that the Australian economy will not adjust to the end of the mining and capital investment boom. If the adjustment is slow and weak, then the way to make sound returns will change.

What determines house prices?

05 December 2013 | Staff reporter

SMSF investors are increasingly considering property for investment. Many are warning of the dangers, because trustees are in part relying on capital gains in what already seems an inflated market. What is a good predictor of those gains?

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