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Insurers may be worth a look

13 March 2014 | Broker reports editor

insuranceThe insurance sector may fail to meet its growth targets, but inflows are reasonably "normal" according to one broker.

Borrowing rises in US

10 March 2014 | Staff reporter

BorrowingThe global financial system is gradually recovering from the GFC. There are signs that private borrowing is resuming in America and the UK. And China remains strong. It suggests that investment conditions are slowly returning to something like normalcy, although dangers remain.

New understanding of the SMSF trustee market

06 March 2014 | Dr Colin Benjamin

SMSF ResearchGovernment decisions to free up the financial consulting market raise questions about the sensitivities of those who are most vulnerable to self-serving financial advisors. In reality, without at least $200,000 invested, there is a risk that higher fees will eat into nest eggs. It is worth considering the deregulation of agents.

Global fund managers bullish

06 March 2014 |

Global bullish A survey of global fund managers suggests that they are becoming more optimistic. When the big money players start to invest, it is usually good for markets.

Rising bond yields not a negative for the stock market

05 March 2014 |

BondsRising bond yields in the US are being treated as a bad sign for the US stock market, which is at historic highs. But it could just as easily be interpreted as a positive sign that the financial system is beginning to recover, which would be a positive for the stock market.

Outlook benign

04 March 2014 | Broker reports editor

Outlook benignA broker says first half earnings per share growth suggests the stock market is headed for 15% full year growth. Dividend payouts remain high. The miners have made a comeback.

Big boys chase DIY investors (selfies)

03 March 2014 | Broker reports editor

SMSF GrowthSelf managed super fund investors (selfies) are now have 16% of the stock market. Their holdings are now so large, professional investors are trying to follow what they do in their own investment choices. It is making the market more conservative.

The GFC hasn't ended

28 February 2014 | PSI

CashThe removal of interest rates in most of the developed world is a sign that the global financial crisis is ongoing. It is hitting pensions around the world and is a warning to DIY super investors to be cautious.

Australian companies sitting on a mountain of cash

28 February 2014 | Reynard

CashAustralia's corporates are sitting on $71 billion in cash. Some analysts are saying that it gives them the possibility of pursuing growth options. DIY super fund investors should start worrying if they do. The track record suggests they do not have the management skills. They should return it to shareholders.

Where DIY super is heading

27 February 2014 | PSI

Way ForwardA survey of self managed super trustees reveals a strong streak of independence and a liking for shares and cash. The results are significant for what they say about the role of financial advice.

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