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Big super funds target SMSF owners

27 September 2013 |

SMSF TargetThe big industry and retail funds have been losing business to SMSFs, who want to take over their own investing. The big funds don't like it so are increasing the pressure on the Abbott government to make the rules more difficult for DIY super. The battle will continue.

Dutch disease and orange pants

27 September 2013 | PSI

OrangeSome important insights into banking, capital and orange pants.

Australians' love affair with property

26 September 2013 |

Love PropertyAustralians rate property as as safe as cash. That is a brave call when house prices plummeted in many parts of the world after the GFC. But Australia's experience has been quite different and now SMSF investors are eyeing off houses, which is causing the Reserve Bank to worry.

Telstra's dominance not over yet

26 September 2013 | Reynard

TelstraAustralia's dominant telco is struggling to transition from the old world to the new. But there are many reasons why it still should be seen as an important investment option for super fund investors. The big question is how the company will be affected by the politics of the NBN and its relationship with the Abbott government.

Macquarie Bank makes slow comeback

25 September 2013 | Broker reports editor

DoubtMacquarie Bank was once the darling of the stock market and a potent global player. But then it struggled to survive the GFC and has found the environment much tougher for doing the kind of leveraged deals in which it specialises. Brokers are sitting on the fence, but the dividend yield may attract.

Investors flood into the property market

25 September 2013 | Broker reports editor

InvestorsRushToPropertyMuch of the current house price boom is being driven by investors looking for ways to increase yield. So while housing remains out of reach for many owner occupiers, investors are hunting around. It is a dangerous sign for super investors.

Sydney house prices set to surge

25 September 2013 | Staff reporter

SydneyA report on Australia's housing market predicts that lower interest rates will start feeding into a strong house price recovery. Sydney is expected to be the city that records the strongest growth with other states getting more modest gains.

BHP and Origin to benefit from rising gas prices

24 September 2013 | Broker reports editor

GasPricesGas prices in Australia are on the rise because of the LNG market. BHP and Origin are two of the beneficiaries.

World economy looking strong

24 September 2013 | Staff Reporter

The world economy appears to be turning the corner. It may be time for investors to position more aggressively as the after-effects of the GFC finally wane.

Property's two looming dangers

24 September 2013 | PSI

RisksAustralian property prices benefited from a mortgage boom then a mining boom. As these end, there are hidden risks.

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