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CSR locks into housing cycle

19 November 2013 | Broker reports editor


CSR is heavily leveraged into the building sector, which may be about to experience more activity. It is benefitting from lower aluminium prices and is getting more favourable ratings. But investors may be advised to wait for the recent share price strength to abate.

Property market dangers

18 November 2013 | Staff reporter


Both Australia and New Zealand's property markets are looking overheated. New Zealand's central banker is talking tough, Australia's is not. It suggests that Australian property is going to be allowed to run even further, but for investors there are serious dangers.

Developing world worth a look

18 November 2013 | PSI

Developing The $A is high and SMSF investors should be looking offshore for some diversification. The developing world offers some high revenue-generating stocks, but there is also a higher level of risk in what are immature capital markets.

White paper can't jump

15 November 2013 | PSI

 whitepapers Some important points of clarification about why not-for-profits are not-for very much at all, and why the Tax Office is skilled at using other people's money to get other people's money.

Myer looking up

15 November 2013 | Broker reports editor


Myer has reported better than expected first quarter sales figures. It sheds an interesting light on the domestic economy, which may be on the improve. Brokers are divided about whether the stock is a good buy, however.

Is the party over for banks?

15 November 2013 | Broker reports editor

Party OverBank shares have almost trebled in value as a proportion of the share market over the last four years, a  reflection of the high dividend yields, which are tax advantaged. But is the party over? Some brokers are suggesting it is.

Why our regulators are powerless on the $A

14 November 2013 | PSI

Powerless Regulators can control the currency, capital flows and interest rates -- but not all three at the same time. It is called the trilemma and it is limiting regulators' options. It suggests SMSF investors should be looking offshore.

Toll gets side ways rating

14 November 2013 | Broker reports editor


Toll Holdings is a mix of defensive and cyclic investment. It appears to be correctly priced, with a mid range dividend yield and average earnings multiple. It appears to be a case of waiting for opportunities to invest in a dominant company.

US deficit is shrinking

13 November 2013 | PSI


An observer could be forgiven for thinking that the US government is mired in debt and the country is close to bankruptcy. The picture is nowhere near so bleak, and there are signs that the debt is being brought under control.

Housing supply and demand

13 November 2013 | Staff reporter


Australia has already had a housing bubble, the only surprise is that the bubble has not been pricked. One of the reasons is that the methods of making land available and the regulation of development have shaped supply and demand.

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