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Qantas fails to impress

18 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

QantasJetstar is making forays into the Japanese market which may eventually pay off for Qantas. But there are many reasons to approach the stock with considerable caution.

A glimpse of the post $US future

18 October 2013 | Reynard

PostFutureThe self induced American debt crisis has given the world a glimpse of the end of US financial hegemony. It may take a long period, but there will be a time when the $US no longer holds total sway. All eyes are on China.

The dark labyrinths of super

17 October 2013 | Melissa Peters

ComplexThe super industry has many layers of management. Big industry funds outsource much of the investment to outside providers. Little of this is transparent to superannuants. It is very much a case of 'trust me.'


Three consequences of the US debt deal

17 October 2013 | PSI

DealConsequencesThe American political impasse seems to be over. What are the implications, especialy for asset allocation? A quick look at some of the possibilities as the market absorbs the implications.

Fixed interest markets enter chaotic period

16 October 2013 | PSI

ChaosThe possibility of a debt default by the United States is having its greatest impact on the fixed interest markets. Interest rates are already at extreme lows, and now US Treasury bonds are likely to be downgraded. In Australia, the picture for bonds does not look positive.

Are companies that give back cash good plays?

15 October 2013 | PSI

GoodPlay Should companies invest for the future or hand the cash back to investors? It is one of the perennial problems in management and investing. Recent research suggests that there is too much of a bias towards handing back cash to investors, creating valuation distortions and a dangerously low level of investment for future strength.

Property trusts require scrutiny

15 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

ScrutinyThe $2.7 billion takeover offer for Commonwealth Property Office Fund by Dexus Property Group and its Canadian joint-venture partner may go higher. But analysts think the wiggle room is limited.

Westpac after Lloyds acquisition

14 October 2013 | Broker reports editor

LloydsBrokers are divided about whether Westpac is a good investment or not after the Lloyds acquisition. The implication seems to be, as brokers would say, to "buy on weakness". When analysts are divided, the pricing is probably close to correct.

Property prices under threat from baby boomers

14 October 2013 | Staff reporter

cash-inThe recent rise in the stock market and the property market is encouraging more baby boomers to retire. But this is posing a threat to those very same markets, suggesting gains might be temporary.

Markets brace for the best

14 October 2013 | PSI

brace Political gridlock in America is almost certainly going to have some bad consequences in the global capital markets. In bad times, the biggest bargains appear, so it may be time for SMSF investors to be on the lookout.

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