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ATO publications for SMSF

02 September 2013 |

Helpful information for SMSF beginners

Signs of life in global economy

29 August 2013 | PSI

AustraliaThe global economy is sputtering to life as the developed world gets over the shock of the GFC. There is a long way to go, but there will be repercussions for Australia in the form of a weaker currency, and a less skewed economy. Investors may benefit form looking offshore.

Ausenco deals with lower expectations

29 August 2013 | PSI

ExpectationsEngineering and construction company Ausenco has benefited from the mining boom and is a global player. Its fundamentals are reasonably sound, but brokers are bearish because of earnings pressure. Is this time to look at the stock?

Devil's Dictionary

29 August 2013 | PSI

Devil's DictionaryHumorous insights into the strange behaviour of the Australian dollar, coal, what it means to get it wrong in finance, the glories of banks, and why travellers should only eat hamburgers if they want to please economists.

Origin Energy less dim

27 August 2013 | PSI

OriginOrigin Energy has had a troubled period, but a recent debt raising has eased concerns. The company's stock fell sharply in late 2012, but has since tracked the ASX 100. The pressures are not going away, but the future does look brighter.

The continuing dangers in global finance

27 August 2013 | PSI

CapitalismCapitalism is very different in different parts of the world but the globalisation of the capital markets means that each country is seen as the same, at least by the traders. This means that the systemic risk has not gone away. A reflection on the bigger picture that suggests super investors should continue to be cautious, there are few certainties.

Amcor looks strong

20 August 2013 | PSI

CashAmcor has reported strong cash flow and is looking to make acquisitions in emerging markets. Net debt is reasonably high, but the company is likely to benefit from a weaker $A. Is all this factored into the price?

Worley gets unenthusiastic assessment

15 August 2013 | PSI

EngineeringWorley Parsons is a globalised provider of engineering services in the oil/gas, power, mining and infrastructure sectors. It shoudl be well placed in the commodity boom and the energy sector. But the stock has not performed well this year. It is down about 15% from February, although the share price has recovered by 20% from its June lows and is up in recent days. 

Treasury Wine in the Drink

19 July 2013 | Staff reporter

WineThe sharp fall in the share price of Treasury Wine Estates has certainly hit the headlines. This was the wine business spun out of Foster's and listed on the ASX with a clean balance sheet. It has been "channel stuffing" in the US, which means they sell huge amounts of inventory to the wholesaler often on credit and so it hasn't really been sold and when customers don't buy it they have to write down the inventory.

Chinese Walls Remain Strong

18 July 2013 | PSI

China secureThe constant hand wringing about China's economic growth is consuming local commentary. Treasurer Chris Bowen announced today that the China boom is owner, showing surprising confidence in his economic judgement considering how little time he has spent in the job. Investors trying to draw too many conclusions from this, however, should be cautious. For 20 years, China has confounded Western expectations and it remains on its unique path.

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