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How Speculators Disrupt and What To Do

17 July 2013 | Staff reporter


The biggest problem for super fund investors is understanding what causes sudden and unpredictable changes in the assets in which they invest. Simon Bond, for RBS Morgans comments that financial markets are driven by traders. The tail is wagging the dog.

A mid year snapshot

15 July 2013 | Staff reporter

MId year 2013

It is the beginning of the new financial year and analysts are trying to take a medium term perspective on the stock market. One of the more comprehensive snapshots comes from Deutsche Bank, which is noting that economic indices have turned positive after spending in April/May went into negative territory.

The view internationally still positive

15 July 2013 | Staff reporter

PositiveThe fall in the Australian dollar has taken the shine off investing overseas, but there is still a case that at least some of the super portfolio should be invested internationally, if only for reasons of diversification. The weakness in international stock markets may also represent a buying opportunity -- in investment terms, things are always at their best when they look the worst -- although of course there is always the possibility of further weakness. 

The $A conundrum

03 July 2013 | Staff reporters

Aussie dollarThe news that Warren Buffett is backing the Australian dollar is pitting the world's most famous investor against most local economists. For example, Andrew Salter, ANZ currency strategist says fair value is between US90¢ and US95¢ but the market always overshoots so you can’t rule out a run into the US80cs. "But I’d be surprised if it lasted more than two or three months."

Resmed Takes its Meds

28 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Resmed takes its MedsOne of industrial stocks that does offer some diversification into international markets is sleep apnea equipment maker Resmed, which is big in the US and Europe. Goldman Sachs has downgraded earnings per share for FY13-FY15 by 2%-5%. It is citing larger price cuts and softer gross margins, offset by updated impacts from new foreign exchange forecasts. 

How To Respond to End of China Boom

28 June 2013 | Staff reporters

End of CHina boomAustralia is coming to the end of a massive investment boom in resources, which has helped the country sail through the effects of the global financial crisis. The risk now is that there will be a delayed GFC as that boom comes off. 

Is AMP a Bad Sign?

24 June 2013 | Staff reporters

AMP bad sign?AMP has announced a profit downgrade that does not augur well for the overall market. The company attributed it to “poor claims and lapse” experience in its Australian wealth protection business and a lower result in wealth management. The drop in underlying profit is expected to be about $55 million below the consensus estimates of $480 million.

Small Caps Require Close Scrutiny

23 June 2013 |

Small cap scrutinyThe small cap sector can offer some good gains, but they need to be good because there is a higher danger that the companies will get into trouble. This can occur even when the revenues are solid, just because of a downturn in market sentiment, which produces a need for investors to liquidate their postions. 

Global Gloom in Markets

23 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Global gloomThe stuttering of the American market is continuing, suggesting that we are a long way for a bull market internationally. The Bespoke Investment Group has this to say:

Property a Magnet for Wealthy Investors

23 June 2013 | Staff reporters

Property a magnet for investorsThe self managed super sector has about $400 billion in funds, making it about a third of the pool of Australian superannuation funds of $1.3 trillion. The managers of those funds have a heavy bias towards property -- outside their SMSF, according to a survey quoted in Property Observer

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