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No going back: The US-China trade war will change things forever

26 May 2019 | Mohamed A. El-Erian

The impact of the US-China trade spat is no longer limited to just the two countries.

The jobs of tomorrow: what to tell your children

08 May 2018 | Rob Burgess

One of the difficult bits of advice many parents will have to give their kids in the next few years is “don’t do the job I did”.

Growth momentum is fuelling the global rally, not Trump

05 March 2017 | AFR

How big are the returns for good presidential behaviour? President Donald Trump last week gave a sedate but disciplined speech to Congress that lacked any specific financial commitments. The day after he spoke world markets rejoiced and indices hit all-time records.


Many of 2016’s Recession Warning Signs Turned Out to Be Economic False Alarms

04 January 2017 | WSJ

From stalled hiring to plunging stocks, a look back at recession signals that weren't

Understanding Trump the businessman President

30 December 2016 | Eureka Street

TrumpDonald Trump's presidential victory has been greeted by most of the mainstream media with shock and apprehension, which is to be expected given that they were barracking for his opponent. It is worth examining just why the antipathy to Trump has been so great among those used to pulling the levers of power.

Wage inequality is a bigger threat to workers than robots

30 December 2016 | Eureka Street

MachineVsMan The idea that machines will replace humans, transforming the work force, is far from new. The Luddites, bands of English workers who destroyed machinery in cotton and wood mills in the early 19th century because they believed the machines were taking their jobs, were responding to exactly these fears.

Global rates are finally turning

18 June 2015 |

TurningThe most important financial indicator in the world is the US interest rate, which has been virtually zero for some time. It looks like that is about to change.

Are we in for another debt crisis?

30 March 2015 | David James

crashMany are predicting another sovereign debt crisis in emerging countries. It may happen, but the markets rarely do what people expect. For SMSF investors it is wise not to over-react, even if there are adverse events.

China cuts rates

24 November 2014 |

RatesChina's decision to lower interest rates is a further sign that the world economy remains weak. It may mean a weaker Australian economy and lower Australian dollar, with implications for DIY investors.

How cheap can money get?

10 November 2014 |

cashWith the Bank of Japan and the ECB easing monetary policy, concerns are growing that money is too cheap. It may be leading to unhealthy speculation.

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