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Murray recommends no borrowing in SMSFs

08 December 2014 |

RulesThe FSI has been released and it is recommending no borrowing in SMSFs. It is also recommending changes that would affect the major banks and the residential property market.

More tap their super to pay down housing debt

28 October 2014 |

HelpMore are using their super to pay down housing debt. But measures to make it easier would be a very bad idea because it would make the local capital markets even more concentrated.

Have you used related party loans in your super?

24 October 2014 |

RelatedThe ATO may be about to make changes to the law and it is advisable to be careful.

The in-house assets trap

28 August 2014 |

jailTrustees of SMSFs need to be careful of the in house assets rules. Contraventions of these rules account for more than a quarter of all breaches.

Minimum drawdown may be reduced

12 August 2014 |

ReducedThe minimum percentage that people pay themselves in the decumulation phase may be reduceded if the Federal government has its way.

Love your tax agent

10 July 2014 |

LoveAt tax time, it is important to know how important your tax agent is. There are pitfalls.

What happens if trustees lose it?

28 May 2014 |

Lose itDIY super funds are fiercely independent in spirit. But they are not usually independent in structure. Rarely is there an independent trustee. It is a big problem.

Non concessional contributions changes

13 May 2014 |

2014 upwardsAny investor looking to give their super fund balance a boost by making a non-concessional contribution, needs to be aware of some changes to the limits that will soon come into play.

Australian super fees too expensive

05 May 2014 |

 feesThe Australian superannuation system seems to be handing out too many rewards to the managers of the funds. But for those who want to run their own super, there is a need to pay strict attention to compliance.

What happens if your adviser takes your money?

11 April 2014 |

stealA report by the Financial Ombudsman Service shows that some financial advisers are failing to look after their clients' money.

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