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Household gods

10 December 2014 |

GodWhy investment bankers are unappreciated deities.

The great Down Under shirt front

17 October 2014 |

ShirtWhat exactly does prime minister Tony Abbott have in mind for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin? It is a great prospect.

Mysterious moos

29 August 2014 | David James

It's raining bats and dogs in Canberra.

I'll have my stake medium rare, thank you

22 August 2014 |

meatWho are these stakeholders and why are they holding stakes? Very strange behaviour.

Budging on the budget

05 August 2014 |

BudgetWith the Federal Budget in more trouble than Tony Abbott's budgie smugglers, it is time to think creatively.

Happy Hockey sticks

25 July 2014 |

JoeJoe Hockey is a great guy, and some people even think he makes sense. His Mum, for instance.

Thanks for the entertainment

16 July 2014 |

jokerThe Australian federal parliament has rarely had an entertainer like our Clive.

Putting the vice back into advice

25 June 2014 |

AdviceSlithershanks is intrigued by the Future of Financial Advice reforms. He is thinking of entering the industry and things are looking good.

Turn back the votes

05 June 2014 |

voteThe government seems dedicated to its program of turning back the votes. And it is working beautifully. After all, we don't want democracy being spoilt by the public. We don't know where they have been.

Slithershanks on property

02 May 2014 | PSI

 slithershanksProperty investors should always keep their goals in mind, such as becoming the Queen of Brazil one day, or perhaps writing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony before he did. It is an important lesson to remember.

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